We are an Italian factory which produce blown glasses for lighting, and we are situated in Piombino Dese a city near Padova – Treviso – Venezia.

  We have been operating in the blown glasses market for about 20 years; now the greater part of our products is sold abroad.

  Glass is worked in “triplex” usually in white, crystal, ivory in a completely artisan process, and is only mouth-blown.

  The most required items are hanging lamps available in various models, sizes, colours and with transfers or hand made decorations.

  It is possible to made glasses based on projects propesed by the customer.
  Reliable suppliers can make wood or cast-iron moulds to produce new shapes.

Vetrostyl International s.r.l.

via Pacinotti, 6 35017
Piombino Dese (PD) ITALY
Tel +39 049 93 65 352
Fax +39 049 93 66 328
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